SAMUEL JACKSON: Wake The F*** Up, People!

YAHOO: The three-minute, 30-second ad, sponsored by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, is a play on the reading Jackson did last year of the satirical “children’s book” Go the F*** to Sleep, which quickly went viral. Adam Mansbach, who wrote the book, also penned the script for the video (set to dramatic, kid-action-filmesque music), which follows a young girl as she goes from room to room of her house, attempting to reenergize her jaded family into taking part in the Obama campaign this time around like they did four years ago. As the girl in the video tries to engage her computer-gazing older brother, her snoozing-by-the-TV parents, her Facebook-obsessed teen sister, and even her senior-citizen grandparents, who are busy, er, getting romantic, Jackson pops up in every scene with plenty of rhyming zingers. MORE