DN: Why Do Good Things Keep Happening To Bad Cops?


DAILY NEWS: [Wendy] Ducksworth is one of at least 14 people outside the Police Department who have lodged complaints against Washington during his 24-year career. Within the department, at least four police officers have filed lawsuits against Washington, accusing him of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. These officers have also filed Equal Employment Opportunity complaints against him. As far back as 1998, Washington was on the Police Department’s secretly compiled list of officers it considered at-risk employees. Yet, despite all the allegations and concerns, Washington breezily moved up through the ranks, and is now slated to be promoted to inspector. Washington, 44, is the latest in a string of high-ranking city-police officials who for years have had a litany of troubling accusations lodged against them. […] Taxpayers have already paid for Washington’s alleged boorish behavior. Last year, the city paid $75,000 to settle two federal sexual-harassment lawsuits that were filed by cops against him. Washington could cost taxpayers more. He is the subject of a federal lawsuit in which Sgt. John Massi claims that high-level police officials protected Washington and punished Massi for questioning Washington’s conduct. Settlement talks are also scheduled for December in connection with a civil lawsuit filed last year by Raheem Holman, 23, of South Philadelphia, who alleges that Washington ordered an officer to “put that n—– on his knees,” and Washington then split Holman’s head open with a baton in March 2010. Eleven staples were needed to close Holman’s head. Holman was charged with aggravated assault and related offenses, but the charges were later dismissed. MORE