How To Tell Tea Party Assclowns To Shut Their Pie Holes

Why does it take the prime minister of Ireland to speak truth to douchebag? Right wing/Tea Party talk radio gasbag Michael Graham gets a smackdown of common sense from the Prime Minister of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins. Why is it that Ireland gets elected officials like Mr. Higgins and we get asshats like THIS?

RELATED: The President of Ireland Michael D Higgins has become a celebrity on YouTube over a two year-old broadcast debate that resurfaced in which he eviscerates ardent US Republican radio broadcaster Michael Graham over issues like healthcare and foreign policy. The recording is hurtling towards 500,000 views on YouTube. The debate on Newstalk’s The Right Hook is two years old – long before Higgins was elected president in October last year – but as the US approaches a major presidential election President Higgins’ defending of US President Barack Obama as well as US blue-collar workers is something to behold. And something of a hit – at the time of writing it attracted 434,348 views. MORE

IRISH TIMES: The clip “Michael D Higgins vs Michael Graham” is taken from a debate on foreign affairs broadcast on George Hook’s programme The Right Hook on Newstalk in 2010. The clip was originally uploaded in February. Graham hosts a show on a Boston radio station 96.9 WTK, is a former political consultant for the Conservative party and has published a book on the Tea Party movement. He was one of the earliest organisers for the Tea Party. Reacting to the popularity of the clip Graham tweeted today: “If opposing Arab terrorists and supporting Israel’s right to self defense still means I’m a ‘w**ker’, nothing’s changed”. MORE