INCOMING: Q&A With BJM’s Anton Newcombe

If you’ve not seen Dig, stop reading and go watch it. We’ll wait. [two hour pause while the reader watches Dig and learns everything he/she needs to know about The Brian Jonestown Massacre and probably more than he/she needs to know about The Dandy Warhols] I know, right? Told ya. Anyway, Brian Jonestown Massacre are coming to Union Transfer on August 23rd in support of Aufheben, their 12th LP. So we got mainman Anton Newcombe on the horn from his home in Berlin to catch up. Discussed: drugs, mental illness, early 70s disco, Dig, Dandy Warhols, the CIA, and Marilyn Monroe fucking John F. Kennedy. In other words, the usual small talk. Look for it tomorrow on a Phawker near you!