CONCERT REVIEW: Dandy Warhols @ The Troc


The Dandy Warhols, arguably the most under-appreciated band in America, are currently on the road supporting their new effort This Machine – a dark, powerful, lean, guitar-driven album. The Portland band’s impressive guitar firepower was in full effect on Friday night at the Troc, as guitarists Courtney Taylor-Taylor (rocking a vintage 60’s Fender Coronado guitar) and bowler hat wearing Peter Holmström brought their swirling psychedelic drone-pop to life for the energetic crowd. Drummer Brent DeBoer (referred to as “Fathead” by his bandmates) stepped on the gas peddle and Zia McCabe played whatever else was needed to keep that party going, from fuzzed out guitar to roller rink keys to 60s go go tambourine. They Dandys were playful and loose, chatting up the crowd and taking requests, even dusting off “Genius” from their debut LP at a fan’s request – requiring Holmström to give Taylor a quick re-fresher on chord progression of the rarely played track. The band steadily built momentum and climaxed with their biggest song – the ramshackle, Stones-ey, hipster putdown singalong “Bohemian Like Me”, and soon after the crowd spilled out into the night, with hooted “woo-hoos” and glorious guitar clangor ringing in their ears and smiles on their faces. — PETE TROSHAK