INCOMING: Monkee Business

Yesterday we got Peter Tork of The Monkees on the horn to advance his appearance at the Sellersville Theater on June 8th with Shoe Suede Blues with one of our award-winning, life-saving, game-changing, prayer-answering Phawker Q&As. Discussed: Knocking around the early 60s Greenwhich Village folk scene with Mama Cass and the Lovin’ Spoonful; dropping acid for the first time and being the only ‘head’ in the Monkees; going to a love-in with Jimi Hendrix and Mickey Dolenz; seeing The Who at Monterey Pop; why Stephen Stills was too ugly to be a Monkee; WTF they were thinking when they made Head; Jack Nicholson; getting busted for three grams of hash in El Paso and doing Federal time; his last words to Davy Jones; and why Mike Nesmith is such a goddamn stick in the mud. Look for it soon on a Phawker near you!