DUI DUDE: Bohemian Rhapsody

NATIONAL POST: He makes it thorough almost the entire song before what appears to be an RCMP officer tells the man to calm down. “I can’t. . . . Cuz nothing really matters,” he responds in the video. “Anyone can see. Nothing really matters . . . even the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police]!” As he exits the police car, he asks the officer if he has to be handcuffed. “Are you going to get physical?” the Mountie replies. “Physical violence is the least of my priorities,” he says. The song was originally recorded by British rock band Queen in 1975. The video was part of the evidence disclosure package that was given to Wilkinson when he decided to defend himself in court, said RCMP spokeswoman Doris Stapleton. She said he then uploaded the video online. Stapleton said she’s received phone calls from as far away as New York about the video. Wilkinson said he decided to upload the video of himself in the police cruiser after someone told him they wanted to share the video with friends. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of impaired driving and refusing to take a breathalyzer. His case is set to go to court in November. MORE

PHAWER: We want to see the movie that starts with this scene.

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