THE HORROR, THE HORROR: How Family Court And DHS Left 6-Year-Old Khalil Wimes To Die

INQUIRER: When doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia laid their eyes on Khalil Wimes on Monday night, they saw a broken and emaciated little boy.He was unconscious, sunken, and sallow, 6 years old but weighing only 29 pounds.His mother, Tina Cuffie [pictured, lower right], 44, had five other children who were removed from her care. She had taken her son to the hospital, saying he had slipped in the bathroom. She could not explain the sea of scarring along the boy’s arms, face, back, and neck. Khalil died within the hour of blunt-force trauma to the head, a medical examiner ruled. Cuffie and the child’s father, Latiff Hadi [pictured, upper right], 48, were charged with murder. Searching the family’s South Philadelphia walk-up the next day, police found a latch on the boy’s bedroom door – so it could be locked from the outside. The room was bare save for a urine-soaked crib mattress on the floor. MORE

DAILY MAIL: The family argue that they pleaded with the DHS and the court system to protect the young boy and his sister from their parents – writing letters of appeal to the mayor, DHS, and the judge, begging for the decision to be overturned. ‘DHS is supposed to protect the children. He was in a very safe home; he was ripped from a safe home and taken back to squalor. I’m very saddened but I’ll be honest with you, I’m extremely angry, I’m angry right now,’ uncle Sulaiman Hadi said. It’s unclear why Khalil and his 3-year-old sister were still living at the home and DHS have not made comment on the case. It is believed that the DHS had no open cases on Khalil and his sister. On Tina Wimes Facebook she lists the births of all her children and beneath a picture taken of Khalil she writes: ‘My angel sent on Valentine’s Day’ – referencing his February 14 birthday. MORE

PHAWKER: Ordinarily, we are anti-death penalty, but we’d be willing to look the other way on this one.

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