WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS: Point Breeze Residents Quite Happy In Their Rut, Thank You

DAILY NEWS: BY NOW, they know the name Ori Feibush in Point Breeze. Some praise it. Others curse it. Feibush, 27, is a real-estate developer. In the last four years, by his estimate, his company – OCF Realty – has built more than 150 homes in the neighborhood. Now he wants to build a coffee shop and a pharmacy, to revitalize a long-neglected corridor. But not everyone likes his plans. Windows on buildings owned by Feibush have been shot out. A dead pitbull was tossed onto the steps of his Point Breeze home. And a flier circulating recently in the neighborhood featured Feibush’s face on the body of Mr. Burns, the wealthy boss on “The Simpsons.” It read: “IS HE Preying on the Poor and minority [sic]?” The upstart Temple grad, originally from Upper Dublin, has put a human face – and thus a giant bull’s-eye – on the angst that often sweeps across a well-established urban neighborhood in the midst of gentrification, pitting modernization against residents’ fears that they will be priced out of their homes. MORE

CLEAN UP PHILLY: The members of the drug trade are going to fight developers tooth and nail, and they’ve managed to get the some of the elderly involved who are more comfortable with drugs than they are with diversity. There’s nothing more insulting that someone of another race living beside you decently, apparently, with no drama and no excuses. The same thing happened in SWCC, and as each drug house packed up and moved, the comparative values in a two block radius skyrocketed. Some people lament having to pay the cost of their own footprint in a society that never required them to do that — but you have kids in the schools, family in the courts, jails, social services, so you have to pay your fair share for those costs. This is a message that can’t soak in soon enough. Everyone must pay something, and it is going to have to be more than the $200 to $300 a year that is the average property tax assessment in unrenovated Point Breeze/Gray’s Ferry houses. [via COMMENTS]

PB NEWCOMER: There is nothing racist about what cleanuphilly said. it’s a fact. if you live in pb you would know this. not all but too many parents aren’t keeping illegal guns out of their kids hands, stolen illegal dirt bikes & ATVS away from their kids, teaching their kids to clean up litter instead of dropping it, teaching their kids that it’s okay to not clean up the backyard and instead, sit on the front steps with car stereos blasting and bbq & kiddy pools on sidewalk! who ever heard of such azzbackward behavior? but they are teaching their kids that big, new houses are bad. sad. [via COMMENTS]

BELOW: Point Breeze 1935

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