THIS IS HIP: The Obama Poster Project

O Captain! My Captain! How could I stay mad at you? (Actually, we still are a little mad — scratch that, a LOT mad — about all the pointless and pitiful capitulation to right wing assclowns and baldfaced quid pro quos to the financial industrial complex that bought the presidency for him. But we can discuss this after November 4th) From President Obama’s Tumblr page comes word of The Obama Poster Project, a series of re-elect campaign posters inspired by the movies. Next up, The Life Politic. I wonder if Mitt Romney has a Tumblr page, or maybe he’s just friends with the owners. Believe it or not, Rick Santorum has one, just not the kind he wants. And Newt? Fuck him, he’s a dick. Four more years! Four! More! Years!

PREVIOUSLY: This is the final straw. Nobody was a better friend or fiercer ally of candidate Obama than Where that man — the man of hope and change –  went after Election Day 2008, we cannot say. Frankly, we now have serious doubts he ever truly existed outside of our own hopes and dreams. Until now, we have held our tongues while everything he campaigned on — providing a public option and consumer protection, reforming the predatory financial system, closing the revolving door between government and K Street, ending warrantless spying on Americans, restoring habeas corpus, closing the dungeons of Gitmo, ending two pointless treasury-draining wars, ending the prosecution of whistleblowers in the name of transparency and accountability — was thrown under the bus of political Obama_Hope_Is_Fading.jpgexpediency and capitulation masquerading as bi-partisanship. And now he’s taking away medicine from the terminally ill, despite the fact that legalization of said medicine was voted into law by democratic majorities in 15 states, for no better reason than the prison-industrial complex that funds his candidacy is hooked on massive infusions of Drug War budget money and private prisons need to fill beds to turn a profit. This is beyond the pale — a new low in political cowardice. But let the record show, going forward we will have nothing to do with Barack Obama’s re-election, and very little to do, for that matter, with the corporate sock puppet show that the utterly corrupt electoral process has become in this country. We are done. If the Obama presidency has proven anything, it’s this: VOTING DOES NOT MATTER IN THIS COUNTRY, and will continue to be meaningless as long as campaigns are privately-financed. The electoral process has become nothing more than a sideshow financed by the 1% to fool the 99% into believing that we still live in a functioning democracy. To the Obama fundraisers that keep calling, don’t waste your breath. We gave generously, even when we had little to spare, back in 2008. No more. That money would have been better spent on potato chips. — THE PHAWKER

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