STRAIGHT OUTTA SPACEJUNK: The Count Bids Adieu To Le Bec-Fin In The Pages Of The NY Times

Mr & Mrs. A.D. Amorosi photographed at George Perrier’s farewell to Le Bec-Fin Saturday night.

NEW YORK TIMES: Philadelphia, like so many American cities, has enjoyed a fractal explosion of different styles of restaurants, most of which signal a shift “away from the classic French model,” Mr. LaBan said in an interview. There are much-praised, chef-driven magnets like Mica, Zahav and Barbuzzo. There are ambitious, ante-raising chefs like Marc Vetri and Jose Garces. There’s the vibrant energy of Mr. Starr’s restaurants, and a boom in beer-centered gastropubs and B.Y.O.B. spots. “These are small, personal places that reflect the best part of what Philadelphia is about,” Mr. LaBan said. With so many compelling options, it can be a hard sell, on a Friday night, to persuade friends to go to “a place that looks like Louis XIV’s boudoir.” MORE

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