WORTH REPEATING: Who Said It? Rush Limbaugh Or The Rowhome Racist, Possibly Ex-Cop, Domelights Refugee, Philly.com COMMENTS Trolls?

Quizmaster General Johnny Goodtimes has a brilliant don’t-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry piece up on PhillyPost called “Who Said It, Rush Limbaugh Or Philly.com Commenters?” Here’s a taste:

3. “If Obama wasn’t black he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu.”
Rush or Philly.com commenter?

4. ” This … is about you wackos trying to dig deeper into my pocket to pay for your rubbers while you sit home all day collecting the money I work for via your ‘gummint’ check.”
Rush or Philly.com commenter?

5. “The NFL all looks like a game between the Bloods and Crips without any weapons.”
Rush or Philly.com commenter?   MORE

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