FBI Mum About Raid Of Chaka Fattah, Jr.’s Office

DAILY NEWS: The FBI declined to comment, but investigators appeared to be focusing on money paid to Fattah Jr., son of U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, a senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee. Fattah Jr., who has done work for DVHS and Shulick’s law firm, owns 259 Strategies, a consulting firm that DVHS has paid $450,000, the Inquirer reported. DVHS has a school-district contract worth $4.1 million this fiscal year, district spokesman Fernando Gallard said. Last year, the district paid DVHS about $4.5 million, he said. “They are investigating City Council and certainly the Fattah organization and others,” Shulick, who was interviewed by the FBI at his home, told the Daily News. “And they are investigating Chaka Fattah Jr., who happens to be an employee of ours.” Congressman Fattah has been a supporter of Shulick’s schools. He wrote a letter to Philadelphia school administrators backing a proposal to send 100 students to a Shulick school in 2007, the Inquirer reported. “Obviously, the congressman stands by his son. However, the congressman and our office have no involvement in this matter,” Fattah spokesman Ron Goldwyn said. MORE

CHAKA KHAN: Once You Get Started

From 1975.

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