OUT ON ASSIGNMENT: Happy Presidents Day

We have to go up NYC to interview Norah Jones (more on that later), and we shant be posting today. We cordially invite you to enjoy the many, badass-if-we-do-say-so-ourselves Q&As that have gone up on the site in recent weeks, including: Anne Rice, undisputed doyenne of high Goth; ex-Philadelphia Police Captain turned OccupyWallStreet protester Ray Lewis; spectral Portlandian indie-folkie Laura Gibson; Man Man’s main man Honus Honus; Delocated‘s Jon Glaser; online privacy expert Lori Andrews; Caustic comedienne, fearless actress, incisive social critic, enemy of narrow minds and all-around envelope-pushing cultural provocateur, Sandra Bernhard; Pere Ubu/Rocket From The Tombs frrontman/main Brain David Thomas: guitar alchemist Marc Ribot; New Yorker staff writer and recovering Philadelphian Adam Gopnik; The Dave Chappelle Show‘s Charlie Murphy; climate change denier/fracking enthusiast/Koch Brothers stooge Ann McElhinney Anthony Bourdain, the Lou Reed of food; Sex Pistols bassist & principal songwriter Glen Matlock; 30 Rock‘s Judah Friedlander; and Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest on the rise of the surveillance state industrial complex. Or just come back tomorrow for some fresh-squeezed Phawker.

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