BREAKING: Rendell Spokesperson Denies His Investor Group Is Pulling Out Of Inquirer/DN Sale

This morning Naked Philadelphian blogger Laura Goldman  posted the following to her blog and Business Insider:

“Just ran into former Governor Ed Rendell on Locust St near 15th. He said, “I don’t think that we will buying.” His thin skinned buyers group probably could not take the negative publicity on their bid from Buzz Bissinger, the New York Times, and others. Bissinger, who compared Rendell to Randolph Hearst, worried about the journalistic conflicts of interest with such an investor group. The New York highlighted a censored a blog post about rival bids on” MORE


We asked Rendell spokesperson Kirstin Snow via email to confirm or deny. She just responded with the following:

“Offhand comment. He had no idea she was a blogger and was simply attempting to shorten the conversation as he had another event to get to.”

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