CONTEST: Win Tix To Portlandia Live!

Yes, that’s right we have a pair of tix to give away for the second show of Portlandia The Tour at the Troc on Sunday. Why? Because we love you! How to win them? Easy, just send the correct answer to this question — What is the name of the Chicago-based indie-rock band Fred Armisen played drums for back in the 90s? — to FEED@PHAWKER.COM with the phrase PHAWKER IS SO MUCH FUNNIER THAN PORTLANDIA in the subject line. Include your mobile number for confirmation. Good luck and Godspeed! Look for ourĀ  our interview with the Mayor of Portland later this week on a Phawker near you!

RELATED: Ever come across a horrible band’s Kickstarter campaign that has raised thousands of dollars and think, “somebody’s parents obviously ponied up the cash”? Well, apparently Fred Arisen and Carrie Brownstein have too. The comedy/music duo show you what the majority of the campaigns that run on the site, supposedly giving you a “new way to fund and follow creativity”, are really like. The Portlandia episode, titled “Cat Nap”, which aired last Friday, also includes a three part skit on a new viral sensation of the same name, that happens to be embraced by none other than the ‘Pitchfork Blog’. You can catch ‘the purrfect band’ getting an 8.25 review at the 5 minute mark of the second video and then see Fred Armisen (playing Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber) shut down the site after giving a 10.0 review of Cat Nap’s performance at the 20 minute mark. MORE

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