The First Lone Justice Album Preservation Society

Tonight, for one night only at Milkboy Philly.

RELATED: Lone Justice, a Los Angeles group fronted by 19 year old Maria McKee, anticipated the alt-country wave of the 90s by half a decade. Perhaps because they were ahead of their time, their infectious blend of high energy rock, country and gospel never quite caught on with the public the way it should have.  The members of cLone Justice (a collective of long time Philly music scene veterans from such bands as Slo Mo, Beretta76, John Train, Nixon’s Head, the Donuts and the Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra) have long reveled in the charms of this lost classic, from Tom Petty-penned Way To Be Wicked, to the new wave rock of Sweet Sweet Baby, to the revved up cowpunk gospel of Soap Soup and Salvation, and they’re now bringing it to the stage. MORE

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