TONITE: ‘Let’s Get High’

Who loves the sun? Bad Weather California. Three songs on their new album—“Stand In My Sunshine,” “Big Yellow Ball,” “Let It Shine,”—revolve around it (get it!?). Oh, also, the album is called Sunkissed. So it’s probably no surprise that all the elements of a good Beach Boys record are here—vocals harmonies, shimmering guitars, bouncy organ, psychedelic drugs. But the band doesn’t just peddle their own rehashed version of ‘60s sunshine pop; they’re too weird for that. Instead they mix in voice modulators, drum machines, feedback loops, and anything else you got, then take another sharp left with 30-second blasts of punk fury. It’s still a happy record, but it’s no less strange. You can catch Bad Weather CA tonight with Akron/Family at The Blockley Pourhouse. Sunkissed comes out February 21st. –BRYAN BIERMAN

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