KILLADELPHIA: Brutes Bash Temple Grad’s Brains Out On The Steps Of The Second Bank Of America

INQUIRER: Just before 2:25 a.m. Saturday, Kless and two female friends were walking on Chestnut Street near Fourth Street when he tried to hail a cab. The bars had just let out, and the three had just left Lucy’s Hat Shop Restaurant & Lounge a few blocks away. The cab’s rooftop lights were on, signaling it was available, but there were passengers inside, and the taxi didn’t stop. Police said Kless yelled, “Turn off your f-ing lights. A maroon Mazda with four men inside drove up behind the cab as traffic likely slowed briefly. The people in the Mazda may have thought Kless was yelling at them, one investigator said. It is not known whether Kless and the men exchanged words. Two men got out of the car and attacked Kless, who was walking arm in arm with his girlfriend, near the bank steps. One of Kless’ companions said Kless tried to protect the women from the attackers. For a few moments, his attackers beat him as his friends cried for help. A third man got out of the Mazda, and the attack resumed with greater ferocity, investigators said. The assailants smashed Kless’ head against a low granite wall in front of the bank building, police said. The men then drove off. A security camera captured an image of the Mazda 626, which police described as a four-door sedan, possibly from the 2000-2003 model years. MORE

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