What Part Of ‘Suck It’-gate Don’t You Understand?


BLINQ: From my couch Sunday night, I sent this email to my friend and colleague Matt Katz, he of the Christie Chronicles: you see this stuff about christie in exeter? was he saying what dave & i think he was saying??? (“dave” refers to husband, a former New Jersey political reporter-turned-author who also had his mind in the gutter, apparently.) Katz witnessed the exchange and was puzzled. Didn’t even think of that, he wrote back, adding that the remark sounded like one of Christie’s signature verbal smackdowns. MORE

CHRISTIE CHRONICLES: I just heard “going down” as a reference to a rumble and a play off the false accusation that the number of jobs in Jersey were “going down.” That’s it. The crowd didn’t seem to hear anything untoward, either. No one I interviewed afterward – even two Democrats in the audience – heard the line as some sort of anti-female, sexually suggestive smear. The reporters I was sitting with didn’t mention anything, either.  MORE

PHAWKER: Context is everything. As is location. I was in the room for the Dean Scream and it didn’t seem like a big deal until I got back to the  hotel and it was playing in a constant loop on CNN, FOX et al. If the same thing happened to Christie’s remark, his entourage wouldn’t think this was just another ‘funny,’ YouTube-worthy smackdown from the boss and there would trouble in River City.

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