What’s With All The Oral Sex Innuendo, Guv?

So, as you may have heard, on Sunday Chris Christie literally pulled his pants up to his man-tits and headed to New Hampshire to stump for Mitt Romney, who at a breakfast this morning with N.H. Chamber Of Commerce types put his foot firmly in his mouth when he told the crowd how much he likes firing people. That gaffe was destined to get the lion’s share of the media attention this newscycle, but then there’s this video [SEE ABOVE] of Christie appearing with Romney and responding to hecklers shouting that he kills jobs by saying, “Something might go down tonight, but ain’t gonna be jobs, sweetheart!” Come again, Governor? And to top it all off, Philly.com threw up a piece about a feisty Christie stumping in New Hampshire with, I shit you not, this headline:


WTF? Did Larry Flynt buy the Inquirer over the weekend and we just didn’t hear about it? Not surprisingly, the, um, spunky headline was soon replaced with the typically bland:



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