EGYPTO FASCISM: Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

CNN: Pro-democracy demonstrators battled Egyptian police for a third straight day Sunday, their anger stoked by images of a military police officer stomping on a woman’s exposed stomach over the weekend. The latest round of street clashes has left at least 10 people dead and 500 wounded since Friday, said Dr. Hisham Sheeha, a spokesman for Egypt’s health ministry. An 11th person, a boy arrested Saturday, died in police custody from his wounds, the boy’s attorney, Ragia Omran, said Sunday. Cairo’s stock exchange plunged amid the new turmoil, while Saturday’s images of the woman’s beating appeared to draw more people to the streets. “I will go down and fight the army and retrieve the honor of this woman and those martyrs killed for the sake of Egypt’s future,” taxi driver Ahmed Fahmy told CNN. The woman and a male companion were set upon by more than 20 police officers during Saturday’s demonstrations in Cairo. She been dressed in a traditional robe and headscarf — but as police clubbed her and dragged her down the street, those items were pulled away, exposing her midriff and blue brassiere in a country known for its Islamic conservatism. Then one of the police officers aimed a foot at her upper abdomen and stamped squarely on it, while another officer jumped on the man as he lay on the pavement nearby. “The army were like vultures who found a prey,” said Mohamed Zeidan, who filmed the beating from a balcony overlooking Tahrir Square. He said after he stopped filming the beating out of fear of being discovered, “The soldiers even beat an older couple who tried to help her up.” A CNN crew that managed to escape Saturday’s chaos witnessed other beatings, with children, the elderly and people on their way to work finding themselves on the end of police truncheons. MORE

U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT: U.S. military aid to Egypt totals over $1.3 billion annually. In addition, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided over $28 billion in economic and development assistance to Egypt since 1975. MORE

RELATED: Egyptians in the United States protested Friday outside Combined Systems Inc., believed to be the manufacturer of the tear gas used by Egyptian security forces in Tahrir Square.As part of their protests at the Jamestown, Penn. firm, the Egyptians — joined by Occupy Wall Street activists — lay down on the ground and played dead, Egyptian news site Al-Masry Al-Youm reported. Several demonstrators also wore eye patches to show solidarity with protesters in Cairo who lost their eyes from rubber bullets.  MORE

RELATED: Almost every day pro-democracy protests still bubble up in Sitra, and even when they are completely peaceful they are crushed with a barrage of American-made tear gas. People here admire much about America and welcomed me into their homes, but there is also anger that the tear gas shells that they sweep off the streets each morning are made by a Pennsylvania company, NonLethal Technologies. It is a private company that declined to comment, but the American government grants it a license for these exports — and every shell fired undermines our image. In August, Ali joined one of the protests. A policeman fired a shell at Ali from less than 15 feet away, according to the account of the family and human-rights groups. The shell apparently hit the boy in the back of the neck, and he died almost immediately, a couple of minutes’ walk from his home. MORE

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