EARLY WORD: The (Young And) Dumb Diaries


The just-published Post-It Note Diaries: 20 Stories Of Youthful, Abandon, Embarrassing Mishaps and Everyday Adventure is the book version of a wildly popular Brooklyn-based spoken word series hosted by comic duo Arthur Jones and Starlee Kine, of This American Life and the Hulu series Starlee and Arthur Review fame. Some of the most auspicious, young-ish storytellers of the modern age were invited to share the glorious misadventures that are invariably the stock and trade of the young and/or misbegotten. John Hodgman tells us how he got his patented cobra-headed cane; Chuck Klosterman tells us about the first time he got drunk and his ass kicked in New York; Kristen Schaal tells us about being so broke in NYC she was forced to eat malt liquor for dinner every night; David Rees takes a trip to China with bestest buddies and everybody winds up hating each other except for the Chinese; Jonathan Goldstein talks about his sister’s mid-life pregnancy and the ensuing bris; Andrew Bird tells us about fiddling away his dignity at a Renaissance Faire; and David Rackoff gets mortally ‘wounded’ in a simulated terrorist attack on Yankees Stadium just for kicks.  The stories were then ingeniously illustrated comic book style (think Dan Clowes/Love & Rockets) by Jones using nothing more than a Sharpie and Post-It Notes, which were then projected power-point-style during the readings. Hilarity ensues.

Post-It Note Diaries 5 PM Saturday at Painted Bride Art Cente 230 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 $15 ($12 for First Person Arts members)

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Mister Jung Stuffed by Man Man from Arthur Jones on Vimeo.

ARTHUR JONES: Man Man is a band from Philly that do their best to channel the manic kitchen sink ethos and bug-eyed energy of Beefheart. The band gave me some loose direction for the video — they wanted it to start at a house party where a guy finds his girlfriend in the arms of another man, then it was to end in hell where our lovelorn protagonist has decided to spend eternity. The short was a collaboration with the taciturn and talented Zander Brimijoin.

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