Sandusky Lawyer Impregnated Underage Girl Then Married Her According To Her Mother


THE DAILY: The lawyer for accused child molester Jerry Sandusky apparently likes his women young. Defense attorney Joe Amendola, 63, representing Sandusky in the sexual molestation case roiling Penn State and Joe Paterno’s legendary football program, impregnated a teenager and later married her, The Daily has learned. According to documents filed with Centre County Courthouse, Amendola served as the attorney for Mary Iavasile’s emancipation petition on Sept. 3, 1996, just weeks before her 17th birthday. The emancipation request said Mary graduated from high school in two years with a 3.69 grade point average and maintained a full-time job — but makes no mention of any special relationship between her and her lawyer. Roughly around the penn_states_new_logo.jpgsame time, however, Iavasile became pregnant with Amendola’s child, and gave birth before she turned 18, her mother, Janet Iavasile, alleged in an interview with The Daily. MORE

BUSTED COVERAGE:  You see that young chick with him at a Second Mile party? Yeah, her name is Mary. Joe knocked her up at 16 as she was working towards an emancipation petition back in 1996. The two are married now.A search for Mrs. Amendola turns up some affiliation to the Second Mile foundation. The photo in this story is from The 16th Annual Mercedes Benz Reverse Drawing, which was co-chaired by Mary. Sidenote: (Far left, mustache) That’s Gary Schultz, the Penn State dude arrested for covering up the alleged 1998 incident involving Sandusky and a teen boy. MORE

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