WORTH REPEATING: PA Progressive Voter’s Guide


KEYSTONE PROGRESS: The fate of Pennsylvania and our nation is in your hands. This year’s election has huge implications for our families, our communities, and our Commonwealth. Our goal is to make smart, informed voting based on progressive values easier for you. So we surveyed PA’s leading progressive organizations to produce a Progressive Voter Guide based on their endorsements — one-stop shopping for highly informed recommendations about the races on your ballot. The Progressive Voters Guide identifies the candidates with the most progressive track records in Pennsylvania. We recognize that there are other progressive candidates on the ballot, but we decided to include only those who were endorsed by at least one progressive, non-party organization. Keystone Progress has not endorsed any candidates. Our role is to report on the endorsements of other progressive groups. These endorsements are for the primary only. We will post general election endorsements some time after the primary. Please forward this guide to your friends and family, and remember to vote on November 8. MORE



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