MUST SEE TV: “I’m From 5th & Washington!”

Apparently this has been around for a while, but we just caught it last night on Tosh 2.0 and it cracked us the fuck up. Not sure what prompted the fisticuffs, but dude taking his shirt off and getting all up in the other guy’s grill proved to be a fatal strategic error. Hollering “I’m from 5th and Washington!” was apparently another because it seemed to have given the guy in the designer jeans and pointy shoes superhuman strength. Not that we approve of this kind of thing, but it looks to us like shirtless dude got what he had coming. Although the pointy-shoe drop-kick to the ribs was over the line. Still, you can’t fake this kind of brutal crabs-in-a-bucket cinema verite, and God bless Steve Jobs, rest his soul, for making it possible.

WARNING: Strong language, violence, man taking shirt off who has no right to, may undermine your faith in humanity.

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