WORTH REPEATING: The First Honest Story About #OccupyPhilly That We Have Seen

Hines_1.jpgINQUIRER: What Hines wants most are answers – and the confidence that one day she would be able to support a family. Hines, the Drexel Hill camper, graduated from high school in June and now works in a pizza parlor, hoping she can get enough financial aid to attend Delaware County Community College. She turns over half her earnings to her family – two working parents, and two brothers, 20 and 13. The 20-year-old was laid off from a job in a lumber yard. Her father, a news junkie, earned a journalism degree in college and drives a truck. Her mother works as a school secretary, moonlighting as a hairdresser. “It’s not enough,” Hines said. “It’s never enough.” They lost their home to foreclosure. Now they live in a rental home down the street. “A lady came and locked the door of our house,” Hines said. “It was a very saddening experience to have a stranger tell me that I can’t live in my home. I walk by it every day. There’s a padlock on the door and nobody lives there. “I don’t understand why my parents, who both have jobs, can’t afford to live in a rowhouse,” she said. “Something has to be wrong.” MORE

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