HENRY ROLLINS TO #OCCUPYPHILLY: ‘Obama Dropped The Ball And The People Picked It Up’

Ex-Black Flag human cannonball/author/publisher/lifter-of-weights/caller-of-bullshit Henry Rollins was promoting his new book Occupants at Repo Records last night and offered strong words of encouragement for #OccupyPhilly.

RELATED: That Henry Rollins, the burly, tattooed ballistic behind Black Flag, has attempted to distill a decade worth of experiences wandering through the worst parts of the developing world into a photo-heavy coffee table book doesn’t undermine his rebel credibility as much as the new book’s contents, which show that, in extremis, the aging punk is less than extreme. Occupants is collection of disconcertingly concrete images paired with impressionistic passages of writing in which Rollins adopts the voices of his photograph’s subjects or provides an emotional description of their circumstances. This works very well when Rollins does what he’s always done so well and embraces the hard-edged honesty of punk. MORE

RELATED: Now in its sixth nonviolent day outside City Hall, Occupy Philadelphia’s tent village of hundreds who hope to cure society’s ills has a steady flow of donated food, clothing and shelter – and seems to be settling in for the holidays. “We’re 100 percent velvet, meaning peaceful,” said Steve Ross of West Kensington, one of Occupy Philadelphia’s many gentle, gung-ho organizers, who gave this reporter a tour of the sprawling settlement on Dilworth Plaza yesterday. “This dude lives in a tree,” Ross said, stopping by a maple with a sleeping bag, a backpack, a supply hammock and an “Occupy the Trees” poster hanging from its branches. MORE

RELATED: What #OccupySeattle wants…

1. An End to Corporate Personhoodadbusters_occupy_wall_street.jpg
2. An increased tax on the wealthiest 2% of America
3. A 6 month wind down to the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan , Libya and Korea = zero US soldiers occupying those countries.
4. With the “war savings” restore human services to their previous highest level and pay down the national debt- taking our descendants out of debt.
5. A jobs bill that spends money on infrastructure and puts American’s to work
6. An end to subsidies for oil and coal.
7. A subsidy for Alternative energy so we can really get it going.
8. Cancel all consideration of the Tar Sands Pipe Line
9. Set Carbon goals for the US that will aggressively move us to 350 parts per million carbon and sign international treaties to this effect.
10. Abolish the Federal Reserve
11. Create a State Bank in every state.
12. End the illegal foreclosures, refinance all predatory loans.
13. Enforce Corporate monopoly laws
14. Break up Montsanto and Blackwater and the 3 Media monopoly stranglehold
15. Create real Net neutrality
16. Create universal health care in the US
17. NO cuts to Social Security and Medicare- ever
18. Stop producing weapons of mass destruction and immediately begin the unilateral disarmament of the US
19. End the death penalty
20. Reinstate the Glass-Stegall Act MORE

PHAWKER: Exactly.

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