KILLADELPHIA: Is The Police Department Cooking The Books On The City’s Annual Murder Rate?


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GOP mayoral candidate Karen Brown made a startling accusation today on Radio Times, claiming the murder rate is in fact much higher than the figures cited by Mayor Nutter. Seizing on Nutter’s remarks during his inauguration that if he did not reduce the murder rate by at least 30% he should not be re-elected (in fact, he did call for a reduction of the murder rate by 30% to 50% in the next three to five years, but never said he shouldn’t be re-elected if he doesn’t) Brown claims that the Philadelphia Police Department has been using creative accounting to inflate the progress made under Nutter. Brown claims the reduction in the murder rate is closer to 18%, not the 22% Nutter claims. Brown says she has been told on background by rank and file city cops that any murder case that is out of the ordinary is categorized as a ‘special circumstances’ crime instead of a homicide and as such is not counted in the annual tally of murders. A police spokesperson told NewsWork’s Dave Davies that Brown has her facts wrong. You can hear her remarks HERE at the 30:00 minute mark. You can download a PDF of Nutter’s inauguration speech HERE. You can download the Philadelphia Police Department’s 2001 homicide analysis HERE.

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[Source: Philadelphia Police Department]

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