Anonymous Pwned The Syrian Gov Computer Network


It’s times like this, we think the feds should be hiring Anonymous instead of arresting them. In a brilliant stroke of hacktavism, they appear to have taken control of all the official government web sites in the major cities of Syria and replaced their respective home pages with this interactive map of Syria comprised of all 2,316 martyrs that have been slaughtered by the Assad government since March.  If true, this is a huge cyber blow against the bloody tyranny of the Assad regime, which has barred all foreign reporters from entering the country and continues to claim that “armed gangs” and drug dealers are responsible for all the murders. When you run your mouse over the map, up pops the name of the dead, the date they were killed and city where it happened. Click on the map above and check for yourself.

UPDATE: It would appear that the Syrian government has taken back control of their computer network, but for five or six hours that very same computer network bespoke the bloody truth. It was nice while it lasted. Well played, Anon.

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: 12 more Assad regime websites hacked and defaced by Anon aka Syrinyan

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PREVIOUSLY: The activist hacker group known as Anonymous appears to have vandalized the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defense.

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