THE SOFT TYRANNY OF AMERICAN LIFE: Yahoo Censoring Emails Referring To #OccupyWallStreet

Ordinarily you have to go to China for this kind of repression.

THINK PROGRESS: Thinking about e-mailing your friends and neighbors about the protests against Wall Street happening right now? If you have a Yahoo e-mail account, think again. ThinkProgress has reviewed claims that Yahoo is censoring e-mails relating to the protest and found that after several attempts on multiple accounts, we too were prevented from sending messages about the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations. MORE

CBS NEWS: Yahoo apologized Monday after people using its email service were prevented from sending messages about anti-Wall Street demonstrations over the weekend. The company said that an external spam filter had blocked the messages but maintained that it was [SIC] inadvertant. It said that the problem has since been resolved, though that there may be some residual issues. MORE

PHAWKER: Funny, that’s pretty much what Chairman Mao said about the Cultural Revolution. It was ‘inadvertent’ and although the problem has since been resolved ‘there may be some residual issues.’ Ya think?

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