EARLY WORD: Beggars Banquet


Anyone who dares call his/herself a foodie in this city already knows that Philadelphia’s second annual Feastival will take place tomorrow evening from 6-9 pm at Pier 9. Live entertainment, some of which has been appropriated from the Live Arts Festival, will accompany one of the most distinguished repasts on Earth that night: 75 of Philadelphia’s top restaurants and bars will be offering tastings, including names as illustrious as Buddakan, Capogiro, Lotus Farm to Table, Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Fish, Tria, and Xochitl. For entertainment, Montreal’s 7 Fingers, whose show Traces has toured the United States for years, innovative choreographer Brian Sanders, and City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program will all contribute their talent and creativity. You can purchase tickets HERE. — BRANDON LAFVING

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