Phawker Editor Kills Cowbell With A Single Stephen Malkmus Cover Story; Magnet Back From Dead

cow_cover_15_2011.08_200px.jpgThat’s a joke, but the truth of the matter is the Cowbell issue with the Stephen Malkmus cover story, penned by yours truly, will be its penultimate, and the forthcoming issue with Beirut will be it’s last. Just heard from Cowbell editor Brian Howard that the magazine will discontinue service in favor of a new partnership with Eric T. Miller to revive Magnet as a print property. Miller will helm the new project and Howard is, reportedly, moving on to whatever comes next. Stay tuned.

BRIAN HOWARD: Cowbell, the gritty little indie mag we’ve all come to love so well over these last 17 issues, has had a great run, thanks in no small part to the hard work and considerable talent of all those who are receiving this. But the issue that hits stores and newsstands in the next few weeks — the one with Beirut’s Zach Condon on the cover — will be the last, but this is not the end of indie music magazinedom for Red Flag Media. Red Flag will be resurrecting as a print publication Philadelphia’s legendary Magnet Magazine. Eric T. Miller, who founded Magnet in 1993, will be coming on board to run the new/old publication. This is, of course, exciting for many reasons, one of the biggest being that Magnet — which was printed quarterly during its heyday and has, in recent years, been a web-only outlet — will be published on a monthly schedule for the first time since 1994, meaning more Magnet, more often, more awesome.Magnet is a magazine I always loved and respected, one I contributed to regularly for many years. Even though this development means my chapter at Red Flag Media will be coming to a close, I am very excited that Magnet a Philadelphia treasure, and one of the things that always made me extra proud to be from this town — is making a triumphant return. I’m honored to be part of this story.

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