The Hagiography Of Dr. Arlene Ackerman

Posted two days ago to Dr. Arlene Ackerman‘s YouTube account, this video looks like a million bucks, or at least $905,000. Either way Cgraham915 is just not feelin’ it. His comments below were mysteriously deleted this morning and commenting disabled. Some things never change with Dr. Ackerman.

  • This video fails to mention the almost weekly embarrassments in the press about her and the School District. It doesn’t mention her lies about “I’m not leaving” and “I have had no discussions about leaving.”, and? is then reported that she has been in negotiations for a buy-out settlement since June. Lastly, this video doesn’t tell of her $ 900,000. buy out from a district with a $630 million deficit. Yes. She’s “all for the children!!!YES. Let’s look back on her tenure with shame and regret!
  • It fails to mention the recent cheating scandal, in which the scores of the PSSA are clearly not an accurate assessment of progress. It fails to mention she ran? up a $ 630 million deficit. It fails to mention her tyrannical leadership style and Hope Moffit’s isolation in the “Rubber Room” for speaking the truth.
  • Then her internal investigation (aka, Judge Giles Whitewash) findings- denying the situation existed that was? overturned by the US Dep’t of Justice. This video doesn’t mention her hiring of incompetent and uncertified administrators, like Lagretta Brown. It fails to mention the awarding of contracts in violation of of the law. It fails to mention the 7 day series in the Phila. Inquirer about the unprecedented violence in the schools and her denial of its’ existence.
  • Talk about propaganda. This video failed to mention the deplorable situation at S. Philly H.S., where Asian students were victims of victims of beatings, hate crimes, and Ackerman’s lying and denying that the situation existed. Her staff even falsified a file? on an Asian student, labeling him as a gang member and listed dates blaming him for incidents that happened even before he as in this country.

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