Steve Volk Blows Dylan Ratigan’s Frickin’ Mind!


Here’s longtime friend of Phawker, Philly Mag staff writer and noted author Steve Volk promoting his new book Fringe-Ology on Dylan Ratigan’s show last week. Steve has been working on a long term enterprise reporting project for Phawker that we will be unveiling on August 24th. More on this later, but in the mean time, let’s all bask in the reflected glory of Steve Volk getting Ratigan sorted. You go, Steve-O! [He hates when we call him that]

STEVE VOLK: Ratigan is MSNBC’s outspoken moderate, and no, that’s not an oxymoron when it comes to him. He is a Seinfeld-styled loud talker with what I think is a really refreshing way of approaching politics and government as problem-solving exercises. Of course, he’s sort of alone in this because most commentators and of course most politicians themselves look at public life as the means to advance their party’s ideology. Not surprisingly, then, he really seemed to get the premise of the book and in five minutes we covered a lot of ground—from the paranormal to politics. MORE

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