ARTSY: Judith Schaecter, Local Post-Punk Stained Glass Sorceress, Tapped For Venice Biennale

[“You Are Here” by JUDITH SCHAECTER]

Claire Oliver Gallery is proud to announce the inclusion of Gallery artists Judith Schaechter and Bernardi Roig in this year’s edition of the Venice Biennale. The artists’ works will be included in Glasstress, an exhibition at the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti.

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PREVIOUSLY: Judith Schaechter is a world renowned stained glass artist who has resided here in Philadelphia since graduating from Rhode Island School Of Design in 1983. (It was there that she met acclaimed novelist Rick Moody, then a student at nearby Brown, and the two attempted to be boyfriend/girlfriend, but eventually settled into a friendship that has lasted all these years.) Her work retrieves the lost art of stained glass-making from the dustbin of the Middle Ages — where it largely served as a decorative form pressed into the service of replicating religious iconography — and pushes it through a post-punk filter shot through with sex and death and romance and violence to create something deeply personal, inscrutably modern, and ineffably beautiful. If David Lynch was medieval monk prone to ecstatic visions, presumably after days of fasting and self-flagellation (which were the psychedelic drugs of their day) — well, it would all look a lot like Schaechter’s art. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: REMAIN IN THE LIGHT: A Q&A With Post-Punk Stained Glass Sorceress Judith Schaechter

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