NEWSPAPER TAXIS: Dylan & Lennon In The Back Of A Limo After Staying Up All Night Doing God Know’s What

RELATED: This is the famous/infamous ‘Eat the Document’ clip. It’s now 7am. The sun is up over Hyde Park. The limousine trip is nearly over. Lennon is stoned, Dylan is about to be sick. This footage is from May 27th 1966 during Bob Dylans tour of England. In the taxi is John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bobby Neuwirth, friend of Dylan’s and temporary sound recordist; D.A. Pennebaker film-maker; Tom, a chauffeur. Filmed by D A Pennebaker, famed filmmaker who also captured the footage for Dylan’s ‘Don’t Look Back’ 1965 tour film, this was intended for inclusion in Eat The Document, but did not make the official cut. The drive takes place from John’s house in Weybridge into central London to where Dylan was staying at the May Fair Hotel. The Beatles would all visit Dylan at the May Fair for the duration of his stand at the Albert Hall. Dylan would be playing the Royal Albert Hall that evening where he was roundly jeered by the fans who did not want to give up their own personal folk savior. Dylan appears to be on…something. Or very hung over. And to that, towards the end of the ride is getting sick. MORE

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