EARLY WORD: The Least Trusted Name In News


Two long-time editors from the award-winning satirical news organization The Onion, Chad Nackers and Joe Garden, will be at Drexel tomorrow night to deliver a multimedia presentation on pop culture, politics and today’s media landscape. Chad is a senior writer who joined the Onion staff in 1997. A native of Appleton, Wisconsin, Chad moved to New York with the Onion in 2001, fulfilling his dream of living in a city covered in the world’s finest grime. Joe was born in Chicago and raised in rural Wisconsin. He started at the Onion in Madison, WI in 1993, and created the recurring characters Jim Anchower and Jackie Harvey. He is currently the features editor, overseeing such popular features as American Voices, National News Highlights and the stat shot. The event is Wednesday, May 11th at 7 PM in Bossone’s Mitchell Auditorium (3128 Market St.). MORE

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