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Information Launderer Dr. Patrick Michaels Will Accept Corporate Climatology Award from Swarthmore Students for Scientific Industrial Progress (SSSIP)

Corporate-funded information launderer Patrick J. Michaels of the free-wielding, free-enterprising Cato Institute* is giving a lecture tonight at Swarthmore College entitled “Is It Extreme Not to Be Extreme on Climate Change?” We don’t really know how he or we will answer this convoluted question, but we do know that it is extreme to manipulate science on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, and we plan to make this very clear to him.

This talk is on April 20th, the 1 year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As you remember this day and those communities that it continues to effect, consider that Michaels and many other “climate skeptics” have a vested financial interest in denying climate change and, in turn, supporting a fossil fuel industry that is furthering climate change and unequally exploiting the Earth and the people living on it in the name of profit.

We invite anyone in the Philadelphia area to come to Swarthmore tonight and participate in this lecture-action.

Time: 7:30 PM (arrive at 7:15 PM)
Place: Swarthmore College, Science Center Commons (Lecture is in Science Center 199)
Look for Jesse, who will be giving out “Sponsored by” signs (to be rolled up and concealed in a bag until the lecture begins)
Contact: Blaine O’Neill, 310-995-6406

-Corporate Sponsor signs can be held up in the lecture at holder’s discretion
“Citation Needed” signs go up whenever Michaels states a dubious or convoluted “fact”
-We need people filming this lecture with small video cameras, and taking pictures, to be shared immediately following

*Charles G. Koch co-founded the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Washington DC, with Edward H. Crane in 1977. [13] David Koch presently serves on its Board of Directors. Recently, Koch Industries has become an aggressive opponent of climate legislation and a major funder of climate skeptics, including the Cato Institute. [14] MORE

RELATED: Billionaire oilman David Koch likes to joke that Koch Industries is “the biggest company you’ve never heard of.” But the nearly $50 million that David Koch and his brother Charles have quietly funneled to climate-denial front groups that are working to delay policies and regulations aimed at stopping global warming is no joking matter. Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch have a vested interest koch_openspace.jpgin delaying climate action: they’ve made billions from their ownership and control of Koch Industries, an oil corporation that is the second largest privately-held company in America (which also happens to have an especially poor environmental record). It’s time more people were aware of Charles and David Koch and just what they’re up to. Greenpeace has released the report “Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine” to expose the connections between these climate denial front groups and the secretive billionaires who are funding their efforts. The Koch brothers, their family members, and their employees direct a web of financing that supports conservative special interest groups and think-tanks, with a strong focus on fighting environmental regulation, opposing clean energy legislation, and easing limits on industrial pollution. This money is typically funneled through one of three “charitable” foundations the Kochs have set up: the Claude R. Lambe Foundation; the Charles G. Koch Foundation; and the David H. Koch Foundation. MORE


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