EARLY WORD: Democracy Now


This weekend the National Constitution Center will host Can We Talk?  A Conversation about Civility and Democracy in America, a three day workshop that will explore the crucial role of dissent played in maintaining the vitality of American democracy.  With Democratic uprisings springing up across the Middle East right now, this conference could not come at a better time. The public conversation will consist of various interdisciplinary forums with an amalgam of scholars, political activists, government officials, including acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton, controversial ex-Department of Justice lawyer John Yoo and PBS journalist Hari Sreenivasan, and University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann. The highlight of the weekend will no doubt be the sneak preview of Ken Burns’ forthcoming documentary Prohibition, which will screen 6:30 PM on Friday, followed by a Q&A with Burns. For more information click HERE and HERE.

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