TONIGHT: Bringing It All Back Home

Despite all the half-arsed, one-hit wonders of the world, there are still those times when you find an album so solidly packed with incredible tunes that it almost re-invigorates your faith the album format. The release of Let Me Come Home by Scotland’s folksy Broken Records is one of those moments. This album is packed with rich influences, most notably Springsteen, and from the sound of things the band has succumbed to the sweet seduction of rock music. Not just any rock music. Given the Boss influence, we are talking big, yearning anthems like “A Leaving Song” and “I Used To Dream.”   The instrumentation — a six piece band with accordions, strings and an occasional trumpet — is faintly reminiscent of The Arcade Fire in that they never seem short on incredible melodies and fascinating instrumental passage. The inner Springsteen really comes out in their song “A Darkness Rises Up” which pretty much sounds like The Boss singing for The Arcade Fire. I mean, how could you top that? — PELLE GUNTHER

Broken Records play the North Star Bar tonight with Gunfight! and U.S. Royalty 8 PM $12

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