RUMBO: Rewriting History For Fun And Profit JONES: In his new book, deftly titled Known and Unknown, former Defense Secreatry Donald Rumsfeld insists that he and the Bush-Cheney crew did not purposefully misrepresent the WMD case for the Iraq war: “The President did not lie. The Vice President did not lie. Tenet did not lie. Rice did not lie. I did not lie. The Congress did not lie. The far less dramatic truth is that we were wrong.” He does acknowledge that he made a “few misstatements.” In the book, Rumsfeld claims that he should have referred to “suspect sites.” But, he says, his “few misstatements” were “not common and certainly not characteristic.”Rumsfeld is engaging in revisionism on these fronts. His incorrect statements about Iraq’s WMDs were quite common. So, as a public service, here is a partial list of the many Rumsfeld “misstatements” that he does not address in his 813-page memoir. MORE

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