WORTH REPEATING: Ain’t Love Grand?


[Berretta 76, Tritone, undated by Jonathan Valania]

INQUIRER: For the next year or so, Pete and Camille were best friends — but strictly that. “People would say, ‘You should go out, you’d be such a great couple!’ And I’d say, ‘Him? We fight too much! We would kill each other.'” Pete was having similar conversations. But while working on their first album, Black Beauty, romance slipped in. Camille and Pete both felt it, and both resisted. Camille told him it was hard enough being a female rock singer without people whispering that her success was in some way tied to her relationship with the lead guitarist/producer. Resistance proved futile. They kept their relationship to themselves until a ski accident and Vicodin intervened. Pete was in Colorado producing an album when he broke his knee on the slopes. The musician he was working with called Camille. “Pete wanted me to go ahead and call his girlfriend to tell her he was injured,” said the friend. And there it was: She was his girlfriend. He was her boyfriend. MORE

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