SNOWTASTROPHE: City’s Snow Removal Tab Was $6 Million Before Latest Storm Pounded The 215

PHILLY CLOUT: Those funds went to overtime for city workers as well as paying for contractors and salt. The city — which does not budget money specifically for snow — still has to tally the cost of this week’s storm. And, with many winter weeks left, the costs could continue to climb. Snow removal costs put a dent in the city’s budget last year. The historic storms that blanketed the city last winter ultimately cost about $18 million, according to the mayor’s press office.

RELATED: So far, this winter’s snow total stands about 18 inches higher than last year’s at this time. That’s making the cost of Philadelphia’s snow removal efforts climb and climb. MORE

RELATED: “I have no idea what the different storms have cost they’ve pretty much have been coming on a weekly basis.,” said Nutter.  “We fight these storms the finance department does not determine how much equipment or personnel go out we have an obligation for public safety.” The mayor says the city will deal with the costs of the storms when the season is over and the snow is gone.  MORE

RELATED: You know, there’s an old saying in major cities which get heavy snowfall every year that elected officials can actually lose their jobs based on their response time to snowstorms. This is probably why Mayor Nutter was very careful with his words. MORE

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