BREAKING: Charlie Sheen Is Too Damn High, Again

EXTRA: Early reports say Sheen was being treated for “abdominal pain.” Our source, Charlie’s friend Steve Brodersen, tells “Extra” the pain is the result of a hernia injury, worsened when Sheen laughed too hard at the TV. Doctors tell Sheen he may need surgery as soon as tomorrow morning to repair the hernia, for which he’s been treated in the past. Sheen’s best friend Tony Todd is by his side in the hospital. Charlie denies drugs were involved. MORE

TMZ: Charlie Sheen had a “briefcase full of cocaine” delivered to his home — and was using large amounts of the drug during the 36-hour bender that landed him in the hospital … this according to a source inside the house. MORE

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Kacey Jordan, a 22-year-old adult-film star (a different blonde than his reported favorite, Bree Olson, AVN-award winner for best anal 2008) stumbled against a wall as she gave TMZ a “blow-by-blow” of last night’s party. “When I first saw him, he was just fucking wasted out of his mind, which I was trying to get to that point too. Trust me.” Oh, we do. As Jordan describes it, it was more of a Gucci messenger bag than a briefcase, from which the “professional”-looking dealer dumped out “five K- balls, huge like the size of my fist; we’re talking twenty grand I swear in coke,” which Sheen proceeded to smoke from a green pipe as he screened selections from his extensive X-rated film collection in the theater room before recruiting Jacobs to be the blonde missing from his entourage. She agreed because, “I want a blue Bentley. The other girl got one, it’s proof.” MORE

UPDATE: His rep just released a statement that the embattled sitcom star “has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today. “He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern,” the statement said. “Mr. Sheen asks that his privacy be respected at this time and that no additional information will be provided.” MORE

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