SNOWPOCALYPTIC SEPTA SLUMBER PARTY: 150 SEPTA Buses Stuck In The Snow Over Night*450/PHI+stuck+SEPTA+buses+snow.jpg?w=790

[Photo by Wenda Guzman-Freeman]

NEWSWORKS: “We had 150 buses get stuck last night into this morning,” said Heather Redfern, a spokesperson for SEPTA. Redfern said passengers were let off the buses if they had alternate means of transportation or if they lived very close by. Otherwise, “We did have some passengers on the buses overnight,” she said. Redfern wasn’t sure how many passengers participated in the SEPTA bus sleepover, or what neighborhoods were hardest hit. As of 10 a.m., about 45 buses were still stuck across the city, according to Redfern. MORE

NBC PHILADELPHIA: Three of the buses got stuck in front of Wenda Guzman-Freeman‘s house. She took a picture and posted it on our weather Facebook page, explaining that the buses had been there since 9:30 p.m.It is now 2:44 a.m. and these buses are still here… The bus upfront has about 10 passengers…two of them kids under the age of five…” Thursday morning there were still about 45 buses waiting for assistance. By noon six buses were still stuck. MORE

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