MEDIA: Dave Davies Goes After Larry Platt

DAVE DAVIES: I was working at the Philadelphia Daily News when the company filed for bankruptcy, and I was there when an earlier corporate parent, Knight-Ridder put the paper up for sale. I dare say there was less dismay in the newsroom on those days than yesterday, when the company’s CEO named former Philadelphia Magazine editor Larry Platt as editor of the Daily News and announced the “the transformation of the Daily News into a loud, irreverent and fun tabloid.” I wasn’t at the paper yesterday, but my friends there tell me the atmosphere in the newsroom when the changes were announced was grim. […] I’ve always had a friendly relationship with Platt – we both filled in as hosts for WHYY’s Radio Times in years past – but I have reservations about seeing him run the Daily News. It seemed whenever I read a piece in Philadelphia Magazine that covered terrain I knew in recent years, I’d notice errors of fact and context. MORE

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