MEDIA: Platt Named Editor Of The Daily News POST: Platt resigned as editor of Philly Mag in June after a nearly eight-year tenure. If he were to be named editor of the DN, the position would come with some built-in irony. Prior to his resignation, the Daily News reported that Platt had given a framed photo of a cyst he had removed from one of his testicles to a departing female Philly Mag staffer as a gift. Now, he could be the paper’s boss. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Philadelphia magazine on Thursday parted ways with editor Larry Platt, who was at its helm for nearly eight years. Platt’s contract with the magazine is up in August, but after returning to work Thursday following shoulder surgery, he was informed that he would not stay on, we’re told. Sources tell us the decision was largely due to Platt’s history of inappropriate and unprofessional remarks and jokes to his employees that closely resembled the behavior of fictional “The Office” boss Michael Scott. Platt’s recent gift of a framed photo of a cyst removed from his testicle to a departing female staffer was one of the examples that led to the decision of Herbert and David Lipson – chairman and president of Metrocorp, which owns the magazine – to relieve him of his duties. The magazine announced yesterday that Platt had resigned. MORE

UPDATE: Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Stan Wischnowski named Philadelphia Daily News Editor Michael Days to serve as Managing Editor of The Inquirer effective Monday, January 31. Concurrently, Former Philadelphia Magazine Editor Larry Platt was announced as the new Editor of the Daily News. MORE

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