MONSTER MASHED: Eddie Munster Back In Rehab

The following is from a statement issued by Butch Patrick’s agent Jodi Ritzen:

It has been 2 weeks since Butch Patrick better known for his character of Eddie Munster checked himself out of a Williamstown NJ rehab after just 4 days of a detox program.  The former child star now 57 who felt that he could conquer the 40 year old cocaine and alcohol addiction on his own proved to be wrong when Patrick not only continued with drugs and alcohol but started to black out and make rash decisions while under the influence causing him to nearly overdose last Thursday evening. Friday, Patrick’s friend and the head writer of his show Life’s a Butch, Tony Guma contacted The Oasis treatment center in Orange County California where the A&E television show Intervention is sometimes filmed to beg for help. The uninsured Patrick was offered free treatment by the facility because of the dire situation and will be given a scholarship which is estimated at $25 thousand dollars a week. The facility which only has a maximum of 16 clients at a time is very familiar with the celebrity lifestyle and the trials and tribulations of the industry which may prove to be better suited for Patrick having lived most of his life in the public eye. The one thing that was most impressive to the center was that at 57, this was the first time that Patrick was admitting he had a real problem and needed to get help. With the amount of alcohol and drugs that Patrick was consuming, especially having only one kidney, he is lucky to be alive.  

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PREVIOUSLY: BUTCH PATRICK, who played Eddie Munster on “The Munsters,” and former Eagles cheerleader Donna McCall have broken up. We reported in July that the actor had moved to West Chester to live with McCall, with whom he corresponded as a child star. “We had always planned to take one day at a time with our relationship,” McCall told us yesterday. “I came to the realization that his decision-making and lifestyle choices were not compatible with mine.” MORE

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