EARLY WORD: Yes We (Still) Can, Can’t We?



“Moving America Forward” Rally with President Obama and Vice President Biden


President Barack Obama

 Vice President Joe Biden

 Musical performance by Philadelphia natives The Roots

 Pennsylvania Elected Officials and Community Leaders



 Sunday, October 10th

 Doors Open at 3:00 PM

 Program starts at 4:00 PM

 WHERE: Park next to Robert Fulton Elementary School located at 60 E. Haines Street in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA

RELATED: President Obama appears at a rally Sunday in Northwest Philadelphia to inspire his followers to elect Democrats to Congress and the Governor’s mansion. Here’s a look at the so-called enthusiasm gap plaguing Democrats in the mid-term election. When the Democratic committee of suburban Landsdowne met Monday evening to discuss election plans, chairman Tony Campuzano shared a concern with the party faithful: “It just seems the energy isn’t there as much as I’d like it, and I’m hoping it’s gonna pick up in the next couple weeks, because it is you know, a big election. Very big.” Campuzano’s team is capable and committed, but there are progressive Democrats who aren’t happy. Meriel Tulante volunteered nights and weekends for Obama two years ago, and hosted an out of state volunteer at her West Philadelphia home for months. She says she’s disappointed in Obama’s performance. “He could have enacted a larger stimulus, and with the health care he could have taken a stronger lead in the beginning and achieved all that he wanted including a public option.” Tulante will support Democrats this fall, but she isn’t straining every muscle to help, and she isn’t happy to hear Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs scold critics on the left, saying famously that some should be drug tested. MORE

RELATED: Defending Obama and the Democrats is hard. Not because I don’t think they’ve done some good in the past two years, because I do. It’s hard because I find myself constantly defending them, even when I’m not ecstatic about what’s happening. Don’t let my overly public defense of the Democrats fool you; I’m annoyed, tired and frustrated like a lot of people. Yet I don’t suffer from this enthusiasm gap that’s become all the rage to discuss. My enthusiasm is as strong as it has ever been because my choice is to either be frustrated with the Dems but know that a lot of good will come out of it or let the crazy people win. My issues with the Republicans and the Tea Party aren’t simply “a difference in opinion”; I’m overly enthusiastically against what they represent. I was really happy about Obama but my enthusiasm is on overdrive when it comes to stopping the Republicans. MORE

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